Extracta knows how to cash it in for you.

With no interruptions to your ongoing operation and no stress on your CAPEX plan.

Here's how we do it.

A succesful and profitable decommissioning program requires an holistic approach that covers the interests of all stakeholders
Business Continuity

Extracta knows by experience that telecom business is the epitome of mission critical operation. Our proven method has been developed so no interruptions are caused to the normal dynamics of service delivery.

Progressive development

With its unique CIRCUIT COMPRESSION techniques, Extracta makes sure that profits start flowing in from the early stages of the project contributing to the advancement of the decommission process

Environmental Consciousness

A ZERO LANDFILL approach is applied to the treatment of decomissioned assets so the Operator can not only be sure to comply with regulatory standards but even may create carbon credits

Operational Safety

As experienced OSP operators we privilege all requirements of Industrial Safety such as OSHA and ITU standards.

Commodities Market Control

As a consequence of more than a decade dealing with the major global commodities recyclers, we have the necessary leverage to obtain the best conditions for the sale of cables.

Project Management Capability

A seasoned balance of human knowhow, Industry practices, adequate technological tools and a deep sense of business ethics makes us the go to project management choice for the task.

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