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Major Operators Internationally have already trusted us for their copper decommission, roll outs and recovery projects.
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We firmly believe in relations of mutual benefit. That is why our base proposal structure is presented in a way that there is no upfront CAPEX resources committed. Instead, our customers start cashing in the products of decommission as soon as within weeks of having started the extraction campaign.

Over 10 years experience

We have been doing this activity for a decade already. And although copper plant replacement has only started in big scales, we spent those years fine tuning or methods the way that are currently near flawless.


Our customers . appreciate the fact that they can follow the progress of extraction, sorting and sale step by step in real time on an open books mode of supervision.


We provide knowledge transfer to our customers teams so they can be fully integrated in the process starting with decommission strategy through cable picking value wise to final sale.