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Only disciplined passion and commitment turns technology into value

Cash driven &
Value motivated

Extracta goes about all its processes and business practices with one thing in mind: Saving our customers cherished resources by letting them focus in their core business while maximizing their windfalls. 

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Meet the Team!

Extracta combines decades of years in unique knowledge in telecom, finance, project management and technological prowess.
Antonio Belfort
Co-Founder and CEO

Entreprenuer passionate about new projects and make things happen. Very well rounded formation that combineproven entrepreneur achievements with solid management consulting experience in different countries aroundthe world. 25+ years of professional experience.

Albert Scharffenorth
Co-Founder and CCO

30 years as executive and owner of IT and Telecom companies with thorough insight of industry trends and regional markets. Has overseen the rollout of thousands km of trunk fiber and up to a million homes passed in HFC and FTTH.

Leonard Boord

Leonard Boord is the founder of Slon Capital, an investment firm in Miami and is the Managing Director of Lydians Capital. Boord is a 4-time CEO focusing in the technology sector in Latin America. Two of the startups he helped develop were delivered to Fortune 500 buyers.

Peter D Aquino
Senior Advisor

Main figure in Telephone and cable industry. Former Bell Atlantic executive and CEO of RCN. Current CEO at Sea Change. Serial investor in telecom ventures.

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We are ready with the tools and the focus to develop a fast launching project to get those old copper cables out of your way into full digital services.
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