Systems and Procedures are our fundamental assets

Our proprietary system platform, methods and procedures have evolved for more than a decade into a state of the art knowhow pool that stems from the same mission critical and interdisciplinary nature telecom operators are made of.

Formidable tools

GIS based vectorial and object oriented application always available in the Cloud.

Element Classification
Dozens of different elements such a cable pair count
Element grouping
Totals of elements by family
Events Tracker
Blocked ducts or live power tracker

Sectorized Workflow

Proyect planning goes through a carefully and strict workflow checklist to ensure nothing is left to chance.

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copper decommission flowchart

Project Management

6-wise enhanced approach to project management design specially adapted for compression, decommission and migration

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Copper project management

Start turning your costly and aging copper network in a steady source of income to help pay for your digital transformation.

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